Snap, Crackle, Pop: Work in Progress Elsternwick Garden

At E-GA, we like a point of difference. Our gardens feature unique planting combinations that complement and contrast in equal measure. We are pleased to share one such garden with you. Freshly planted just nine months ago, this Elsternwick garden – architecture by Clare Cousins Architects, is already showing signs of things to come.

A heritage façade required a sympathetic entrance design. Lush grasses are peppered with burst of pink from ‘Autumn Joy,’ transitioning to a warm brown in the cooler months.

Bluestone pavers tie in with a dark trimmed roofline and are interspersed with cushioning ground cover, Dichondra repens, giving the classic front a contemporary twist.

Down the side ordered chaos gives way to loose yet strategic layers of Rosemary and fresh tufts of lime green Lomandra ‘Little Pal’. Espaliered fruit trees capture the warmth of the west facing brick wall – perfect in an under-utilised narrow space.

This evergreen planting choice for the side access was also a functional one, designed to withstand the coming and going of a busy, active family.

The mixed textures create a sensory and lively pathway to the dining and pool area, a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of inner-city living.

Opposite the pool Asparagus Ferns and succulent Kalanchoe create sculptural forms, spilling over and against the textural brickwork details by CCA. An unusual combination with plenty of zing.

The sculptural theme was extended with the addition of a Wollemi Pine.

Lightweight outdoor furniture by Tait provides space for entertaining without taking up valuable depth for greenery.

An extra Jacaranda was added to match the existing one. Together they provide a canopy to dine under, shade in the heat of summer and essential screening. Crepe Myrtles contribute to the screening and add bursts of colour in spring. Both form and function can be considered and neither compromised – no need for a scummy umbrella!

The awning and mesh on the rear wall provides a subtle framework and is a great way to achieve a wall of creepers.

Grasses were strategically planted to peak through the fine bars of the pool fence. The fence recedes from view as the plantings take over.

We look forward to seeing this wonderfully different home and garden thrive. Stay posted for an update in Summer!