Long and Luscious

We designed this Toorak garden in 2002, since then it has grown into something rather wonderful. A recent revamp to the front has seen additional plantings and tweaks over the past year, a natural part of any garden’s evolution.

Tactile layers and contrasting textures – this garden has the best of both.

Wisteria frames the front entrance, creating an inviting walkway with delicate purple blooms. The rich green of Boston Ivy is offset by the rippled spikes of succulents against a dark green fence. The understated facade leads to a cool and inviting retreat.

Steppers interspersed with Mini Mondo Grass form a relaxed meandering path to the pool and outdoor dining area. Mindi Mondo Grass as ground cover between pavers is a great alternative to a solid patch of lawn.

Early resolute weeding pays off to achieve a tight low-maintenance coverage and you still achieve that lovely softness underfoot.

Long and luscious, we are big fans of Parthenocissus tricuspidata, Boston Ivy. Used here as a canopy over the patio area, the garden truly becomes an extension of the house – a rich green room to be enjoyed all year round.

Great for quick coverage on timber structures, it is a fast growing creeper. The canopy provides welcome shade in the heat of summer and in Autumn turns a glorious red that lets the warmth in.

A garden that is versatile, beautiful and one that you could happily spend time in just looking upwards.