Hampton Garden

We first blogged this Hampton garden and the Concrete House, designed by Matt Gibson Architecture, when it was completed a little over a year ago. You can read about the design in the previous post here. Since then it has settled in nicely. We thought we would share some highlights of the landscape design with you.

This beautifully designed contemporary house is balanced by the fine textures of the garden foliage and Filetti stoneworks. With the sun shining, you get the sense that you could easily be in Brazil rather than bayside Melbourne. While the textures help to soften the strong lines of the architectural form, they also provide a dynamic environment which creates movement and sound in the wind.

A textural and sensory experience to live in.


Natural building materials are complimented by softening layers of Fine Leaf Wattles and Mat Rush only broken by Red Stemmed Dogwood.



Potted succulents work to soften otherwise unusable hard corners to create a sculptural collector’s corner.


Wall-mounted native orchids finding a foothold in a soilless courtyard eventually creating a green patchwork on the stonework.


Informal pathways and paving are interrupted by pockets of Kidney Weed ground cover allowing for an unplanned and relaxed journey.


As this garden continues to evolve the trees will start forming their overhead canopies, creating a textural canopy layer. We look forward to seeing this unique garden develop and thrive.