Indoor Greening

It’s amazing the difference adding a little green can make to an office or home environment.

Not only do the plants look great but they can help relieve stress and increase productivity, all while providing a refreshing transformation to the space.  

Here are a few of our favourite indoor plants that are currently living in the E-GA office, and how you can use them to revive your indoor space.   


Monstera deliciosa 

What you can do I can do better!  We have this Monstera draping over our office entrance to welcome visitors, tucked away in a well lit bulkhead to grow along the building truss.


Philodendron ‘Xanadu’

A widely used outdoor plant in NSW, the P. ‘Xanadu’ is a great smaller potted indoor plant to have on a desk or in a shelf space.


Philodendron selloum

With it’s huge glossy leaves, the P.selloum makes for a bold statement in a well lit corner.


Ficus lyrata

Size matters! Not only are the leaves of the Fiddle-leaf Fig oversized, but they can also be found as advanced trees if you have the right space and position.


Philodendron scandens

This is our indoor replacement for Virginian Creeper.  Using wires to control it’s growth direction on a single leader, this rambling climber will take off and provide vertical interest.


Ficus alii

Not your normal indoor plant, the Alii Fig has a narrow blade leaf which gives a softness to the otherwise bold leaf forms of most indoor plants.  Great against a bold coloured wall to let the foliage colour come through.


Zamioculcas zamiifolia (left)

Crassula ovata (right)

Clumping indoor plants and like minded pots can work well as work station dividers.  The ZZ plant would be a permanent plant as it loves neglect where the Jade Plant will need the odd break outdoor.


Combinations and layering can create plenty of interest and give you a full garden indoors.  Mix up the pots to give a hit of colour.  Here we have used recycled 20lt oil cans.

We also regularly use pots supplied from Martin Kellock and Tait.