Nature Strip Plantings

The term nature strip is somewhat of an oxymoron given the minimal amount of ‘nature’ we often see.

Planting out the nature strip can benefit the streetscape, the resident and the community.  Nature strips form an integral part of our urban environments and councils should support the growth of street trees and plants which help increase the biodiversity and environmental appeal in urban areas.


DSC_2137 2

Depending on the design and plants selected, it can be a low maintenance option compared to lawn and helps to create a sustainable, water wise garden area.  When it comes to selection, we choose low growing, evergreen, tough and drought tolerant plants. It is also always important for these plants to be sympathetic to the surrounding streetscape. We often find that this encourages a greater sense of ownership amongst the community.


From a design perspective planting the nature strip can also help to extend the front garden and give the impression of a larger garden space.


DSC_3644 2

While planting a nature strip is not for every job, and in some cases it can upset the aesthetic of the street as a whole, we think it should be encouraged for people that want the option.

At the moment some councils are hesitant to allow owners to plant out their nature strip and so with this in mind it is always good to check your local council’s guidelines first.