Greening Multi-Residential Spaces

Like with so many commercial and multi-residential spaces these days, the landscape plays an important part in helping to soften and green the building structure.  Designed in conjunction with Mirvac, the brief for this particular project was to create free forming garden spaces where the border between path and garden is undefined.



Avenues of White Cedar help ground the space while lower circular plantings of native flax and Correa create an informal edging to the streetscape. We wanted to loose the fact that it is a street!




Creeper draped arbours and mesh clad walls help soften the dominant vertical building forms.


Within the central internal street, the informal style of planting is mirrored in the hardscape.  Large waves of sandy exposed aggregate and crazy pave Porphyry create sweeping waves of different textures.


By making use of the larger nature strip at the front, the garden extends out and softens the building forms from the street, especially at footpath level.  Utilising and building on existing Willow Myrtle street trees creates a woodlands feel and together with mass planting of Flax Lily achieves a lush low maintenance prairie affect.