Under Construction

Designed in conjunction with Bower Architecture, the landscape design for this 1960’s double storey brick residence was a key part of the overall design process.  Here are some images of the garden space prior to landscaping.





It is always helpful when the clients understand the importance of designing the garden in conjunction with the architecture, as this allows us to establish a flow and connection from inside to out.  When working on the concept design below, the design intent was to create a garden space that complimented the architecture and 1960’s feel of the house, while providing a functional space for the family.  Geometric patterns and spacial interest were of particular importance to the clients.

Walys SD Plan


Here are the plant and material palettes indicating the type of look and feel that Scottie and Rupert envisage for the garden.

Walys IB TWO

Walys IB ONE

Keep a look out for images of the newly planted garden in the coming weeks.