Toorak Garden

Fifteen years on it is rewarding to see one of E-GA’s gardens still flourishing.  Though areas have required some rejuvenation over the years, the bones and soul of the original design still remain to this day.



Green is dominant at ground level with interest stemming from differing foliage, textures, shapes and forms.  The garden possesses a relaxed sculptural quality.  Strong linear plantings of Yucca glauca are juxtaposed against loose plantings of low mounding evergreen shrubs of Pittosporum ‘Miss Muffett’ and strap leaf Arthropodium cirratum.  Winding pebble pathways lead you on a journey through the different garden spaces hidden amongst copses of Japanese Maple and Eastern Redbud, opening up into large entertaining areas.

DSC_4938 (1)


Seasonality also plays an important role in the feel of the space throughout the year; Boston Ivy forms a deciduous canopy over a large wooden pergola, while a backdrop of Chinese Star Jasmine trained along the boundary fence provides scent during the warmer months.

DSC_4932 (1)

Maintenance is key for such a successful result that has stood the test of time, so a big thanks to the owners for their care and dedication to the garden.