Project Update – South Yarra

Who said South facing walls were too hard to green!

Our South Yarra project in conjunction with NMBW Architects has developed wonderfully after a couple of years.  See previous photos here. All grown from containerised planters this experimental vertical garden has become quite a success.



Admittedly it has been a trial and error project especially at the lower level where low light levels are extreme.  The Planting of ‘old school’ indoor plants like Philodendron scandons (Heart Shaped Philodendron) and Chlorophytum comosum (Spider Plant) combined with the installation of grow lamps has improved the green column outlooks from the lower bedrooms.




At the higher levels where natural filtered light becomes more abundant, the cascading groundcover Aptenia cordifolia (Baby Sunrose) hangs an entire floor level.  Combine this with the patchwork of creepers on the now barely visible 3D mesh, and the outlook from the main living space and master bed is truly tranquil.  For extra colour and texture on the green wall we have used no less than four climbers – Vitis, Parthenocissus, Hedera & Trachelospermum species in this garden section.

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As always, maintenance plays an integral part so we would like to thank Aleister Branwen Horticulture for their amazing effort to achieve such an incredible result.  And of course a big thank you to the clients Richard and Caroline for having such faith in us and allowing us to experiment with their garden.