Clifton Hill Garden

Cross Stitch House is a successful collaboration between Fiona Dunin of FMD Architects and Eckersley Garden Architecture.  The property is an inner city terrace in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs that comprises a small front garden, internal light well and rear courtyard.


The internal and external spaces of this property are intrinsically linked with the exposed timber rafters running from the internal ceiling to the external pergola.


The timber pergola cantilevers over the edge of a reflective Lily pond which aligns with the rear door of the house.

At the end of the Lily pond, a full height mirror extends from the pond coping edge to the timber arbour above.  From the back door, this visually doubles the space and creates a rhythmic repetition of the structure.  It’s also a great spot to check yourself out in the mirror!


The Honeycomb Bluestone stepping stones were specially sawn to repeat the shapes within the architectural joinery.  Cushiony plantings of Babies Tears, White Flowering Thyme and Corsican Mint thread through the jigsaw of steppers.