Recently Completed: Parkville

Maximising the use of space, and working in with the surrounding landscape was priority when it came to designing this rear garden in Parkville.  The house opens out onto an outdoor dining/entertaining area with the concrete slab running from the inside out to allow the space to feel larger.  Endicott steppers lead down to a second outdoor zone which lends itself to play space for the little ones, while cleverly designed bench seats and cupboards allow for much needed storage room.    




The louvered pergola is a feature of this outdoor space, as it’s flexibility allows the owners to selectively change what they wish to see while still maintaining security.  An ultimate mood changer solution – see what you want depending on how you feel, talk to your neighbours as they walk past or shut them out!  With the site backing onto a laneway and treed park, the louvered system is the perfect way to give the illusion of a larger garden.  The bluestone paving ties into the laneway surface to extend the eye beyond the screening and take advantage of the borrowed landscape.