The Chevron Garden

In the current trend of apartment living and community spaces, we are constantly amazed at how sterile and uninviting these spaces can be.  Maybe their ideas are being lost in translation or there are budget cuts along the way, or maybe designers are missing the mark on outdoor liveability.  On our recent visit to an older apartment project of ours – The Chevron Apartments, we were pleasantly surprised with the welcoming transition from a busy commercial road into this densely canopied garden.  This is one communal garden that truly has a private garden feel despite the numerous apartment balconies looking into the space.




The garden was the high priority for this project with a generous internal garden space, however the entire garden was to be built on a podium roof above the basement car park.  This was always going to be a challenge from the start as we wanted the plants to look as though they were naturally growing from the ground and not from raised beds.  To great success this has been achieved but only made possible with close and creative consultation with Structural Engineers during the early design stages.



Upon closer inspection, the garden has some lovely textured surfaces in sandstone, pebbled seeded exposed aggregate and vertical stone clad curved stone walls.  All have aged beautifully over time adding to the unique character of the garden.  The varying textures are all tied together with simple repeat mass plantings of strap leaf plants, deciduous trees and creepers over walls as well as the pergolas.




Hopefully The Chevron garden can inspire greater commitment to larger outdoor garden spaces for apartments which are not only functional but inviting and desirable to be in.