Be Bold With Colour

When thinking of adding colour to your garden, people often tend to shy away from the colour yellow.  Why? Our national flora is yellow, our lemons are yellow, our banksias are yellow, but we seem to be scared of it. People, give yellow a chance!  Perhaps try planting a Native Frangipani (Hymenosporum flavum) and watch it’s creamy flowers develop into a sea of yellow as a profusion of soft scent wafts through your garden.



For other bold colour additions perhaps try the Canna x hybrida ‘Fire Bird’ – Red Canna Lily.  A herbaceous perennial that has red flowers and green leaves to a mid height of 1.0-1.5m. Big bold foliage with even bolder flowers over summer. Has a little down time over winter and likes a bit of water – temperate to tropical.

Canna 2

Or maybe Bougainvillaea ‘Scarlet O’Hara’. It’s pinky red bracts against white flowers make this an attractive climber. Thorny though. Tear your arm off thorny!  Semi deciduous through winter and needs plenty of sun but puts on a brilliant display of flowers for weeks – temperate to tropical.