Media: Vine Romance

Scottie contributed to this month’s House and Garden with a few words on his top choices for fast-growing climbers.



Crimson Glory Vine, Vitis coignetiae – Fast twinning deciduous climber up wire or post. Large oversized leaves provide amazing texture and form as well as excellent shading for structures. Leaf colour can vary depending on the autumn temperature and can range from deep burgundy to vibrant red. The climber is an ornamental grape and does produce the fruit clusters however they are not edible. A ideal plant for pergolas, arbours and limited soil positions like planters.


Virginian Creeper, Parthenocissus quinquefolia – Fast growing deciduous climber that can be trained up wiring for quick establishment. Clip all lateral growth to promote super growth to the main leader and watch it grow daily. Guarantied red foliage in autumn and long curtaining once established. Perfect for Temperate and Sub Tropical climate regions and best used over entertaining spaces to provide summer relief and light in winter. A favourite for us on pergolas and single tracers.


Aloha Mandevillea, Mandevilla ‘Aloha Series’ – Quick growing evergreen climber self twinning up wire or post. Amazing colour ranges in the Aloha Series from Clean Reds to Crisp Whites which come out during the warmer periods. Long flowering in the tropics and can be semi deciduous in the temperate regions. A favourite for arbours, screening and green walls requiring a punch of colour.