Hawthorn Garden

This is the third iteration of this Hawthorn garden that has changed owners but kept its design roots firmly planted with Eckersley Garden Architecture. The garden was originally created some 20 years ago with a traditionally styled entrance courtyard that gave way to a less structured woodland garden at the rear.  The current owners fell so in love with the garden that they purchased the property and began to rework the house around the garden.

The addition of a swimming pool, house extension and artists studio have been planned carefully so as not to lose the original magic that the property had.



The water feature creates a focal point in the centre of the courtyard, while the pendulous branches of the Cut Leaf Birch add a gentleness to this formalised entrance space.



At once contemporary and soft, there’s no denying that this is an Eckersley garden. Nestled among a deciduous woodland is the studio of owner Megan Dicks, co-founder of OTOMYS, an online boutique art gallery.


Twenty years on and the Wisteria arbour still frames the view into the rear garden.  There are always losses in the garden through a building process but the owners stood firm on the Wisteria.



The original woodland trees give a wonderful sense of place and establishment to the garden.  The sweeping grasses and flowering perennials complete the look, which has a distinctly European flavour.


Draped with a deciduous creeper, the Timber pergola echoes the architecture and the garden.