Alowyn Gardens

What better way to experience spring, then to pay a visit to Alowyn Gardens. This garden literally “SPRINGS” to life in the month of October. It presents an array of different garden styles, from the symmetrical and carefully shaped Parterre Gardens to the winding paths and flowing organic shapes of the Herbaceous Boarder garden and the Birch and Casaurina forests.  Alowyn Gardens provides a little something for every gardener’s taste.


You can find Alowyn nestled in the farming district of Yarra Glen in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The land was purchased in 1997 by John van de Linde and his wife Prue. Over the 17 years they have lived and worked on these gardens, they have transformed what was once a neglected garden into an award winning landscape.


A large pergola draped in Virginia Creeper and Ornamental Grape marks the entrance to the gardens. Suspended from the beams are gourds and lanterns, making the pergola an over head feature that tunnels your vision down towards the start of the garden walk or out to the Maple Courtyard.


The gardens have been developed into six defined areas, all of which lead off from the 100m long wisteria and rose covered central arbours.




The Parterre Garden has been planted up into four different segments, each displaying a different look.  The symmetrical shapes and forms in this area have been created using three varieties of box hedging.




Recycled power poles surround the stone sitting area and the organically shaped Dry Gardens.



The miners cottage sits nestled amongst the Casaurina forest.



The newest part of Alowyn Gardens features a French garden in the front paddock containing series of ponds and fountains, along with a mass planting of poppies.  Once the poppies are spent the fields are sewn with sunflower seeds.



The pond has been positioned directly in line with the wisteria arbours to continue the line of view through the centre of the gardens.


A small section of their extensive edible garden with countless of fruit trees throughout.


The Alowyn Gardens are forever changing with each season that passes and are well worth a visit.  Further information is available on their website.