Emerging Artist: Cathy Quinn

In our business, it’s not just gardens that excite us, it’s also other creative fields of art and design that inspire fresh ideas and thoughts.

So we’d like to share with you another exhibition from Cathy Quinn whose abstract art Beyond is currently on display at Tacit Contemporary Art.  In Cathy’s words, “Beyond is a reflection on the privacy of a secret space looking out and beyond.


Here begins the thrill of the mysterious and desire for adventure.  The exploration of looking out from a small place or looking up unto the vastness of the sky and the endlessness of what could be……….. The beauty of the shifting light and the thrill of its luminosity.”

After such a successful opening last night, Cathy’s work will be on display for the next couple of weeks – so get out there and check it out.

Galleries 1 & 2

30 April – 18 May 2014

For directions, click here.