Don’t cook your worms!

Melbourne is in for another heat wave this week and whilst a lot of you will sensibly be looking out for your plants, we thought we would remind you to look after your worm farms too.  Unfortunately, we lost our worms in the last heat wave as keeping them out of the shade wasn’t enough.  So here are some valuable tips to keep the little fellas alive and comfortable.

Earthworms in the earth

  1. Keep worms in full shade throughout the summer.
  2. If you see your worms ‘balling’ on the surface, it’s a sign they are in extreme stress and you need to take urgent action for their survival.
  3. The temperature of the bedding anything over 35 degrees is deadly for your worm farm.  They prefer a temperature of 15 – 25 degrees.
  4. Make sure the bedding is moist.  If it’s not, put through a litre of water per tray.  Be careful not to over soak the worms as they will stew, so immediately empty the water via the collection tap until just a trickle of water comes out.
  5. In warmer temperatures, worms feed less than usual, so avoid adding food scraps into the worm farm when extreme heat is forecast.
  6. If you can, bring your worms inside to a cool area such as the laundry or bathroom. Alternatively, make some large 3-5L ice blocks, lay on a towel, blanket or cardboard and place on the top layer of the worm farm.

Good luck in keeping your worms happy and healthy this week!