Whose for a cuppa?

A well deserved moment, to collect some thoughts, to breathe and think; how good it is to have some Tea.
‘Some Tea’ by Alan Farnham.

This happens a lot in our office and nothing beats a nicely brewed pot of tea as opposed to the customary tea bag. We have been brewing earl grey, darjeeling and celyon and a had a very brief experiment with the smoky Lapsang souchong. We have had a few mishaps along the way to brewing the perfect pot such as using 4 tablespoons of tea leaf instead of 4 teaspoons.

Tea leaf is from the plant Camellia sinensis. Planting is carried out along the contour in a double hedge system accommodating 13,000 to 15,000 plants per hectare.

The photos below are from my trip to Kerala in the south western state of India. The tea fields are the Kanan Devan Hills in Munnar.