Just Planted: Fairhaven Garden

Clients of this coastal property have recently planted out their garden using only tube stock and plants from local native nurseries to conform to strict planning guidelines. Winding paths of gravel and stone steppers have provided structure to the garden until the plants establish.  In the meantime, the neighbouring wetlands provide a peaceful vista.







Right now, the garden is quite bare, but once the tube stock plant their roots it will take shape and the garden beds will be full of native grasses, shrubs and trees.  The plan below with a couple of images from the materials and plant palette show our vision for the property.

1 - GOMM council Landscape Plan - A1 100 12.04.12

planting plan

The landscape was constructed by Tim Day of Sea Echo who played a key role in not only implementing the garden, but also in design decisions with materials and planting.  The gates featured in the garden were made and installed by Christophe Morgeau.