Late Winter Flowers

There are lots of changes in the garden at the moment including the late Winter flowers welcoming Spring with sweet perfume and clean white colours.


Potted office plants of Cymbidium Orchids have been giving an amazing display for the past month with many more weeks of flowers left. A lovely discrete fragrance is present when housed in an enclosed area.

IMG_4702 copy

These Freesia alba bulbs I planted last year with my girls are making a show in the most unexpected areas.  Not only do they have an amazing fragrance, once popped they are a highlight in the garden.  A dependable old fashioned plant.


The Sweet Box is a great inconspicuous survivor.  It sits unnoticed in the garden with little to no care but when flowering the fragrance is on a par with Daphne.

Just a few signs of great things to come in the garden now Spring has set in.