Winter Colour

Just to prove that it’s not all doom and gloom as we slide into the depths of a Melbourne Winter, here are some enlivening photos from the Banksia collection at Musk Cottage that are currently flowering.  Most of them are Western Australian and include:

Banksia blechnifolia 002Banksia Blechnifolia

Banksia baxteri

The Baxter’s Banksia, also known as Bird’s Nest Banksia has fantastic serrated foliage

baxterBanksia baxteri

Banksia praemorsa

The Cut-leaf Banksia – Red Wine – My all time favourite Banksia. I just love that iridescent speckle that catches on the ends of the stamens. Or the Yellow for a real punch of colour.

praemorsaBanksia praemorsa

praemorsayelllowBanksia praemorsa

Banksia baueri

Then there’s the Possum Banksia – So soft and shaggy and tactile, you could almost cuddle it.

baueriBanksia baueri

Banksia Blechnifolia

These are the new flower stems on Banksia blechnifolia or Fern Leaf Banksia. They run along the ground and form these red velvet buds which develop into Mushroomy, felt textured domes along the ground.

blechnifoliaBanksia Blechnifolia

Banksia Spinulosa

Lastly, Banksia Spinulosa ‘Honey Pots’, a perfect low, bubbly shrub with a strong Orangy-Yellow flower. The bright red ‘Wiry Styles’ give a beautiful definition to the flower form. B. Spinulosa is endemic to the East coast of Aust and is a must for small gardens if you want to attract some birds.

honeypotsBanksia Spinulosa

Hope that cheered you up.  Helped me no end!