Product: Hot Choccy

Towards the end of last year, my husband and I decided in our spare time to launch a business.  What, we had no idea.  We just knew we wanted to jump in a start something from scratch.  After tossing up a few ideas we settled on hot chocolate powder which led to a light bulb moment of flavoured hot chocolate!



Hot Choccy is a silky smooth and delicious drinking chocolate powder available in a range of flavours.
Low in sugar, low in fat, gluten free and still yummy, Hot Choccy is made locally by us from the recipe and mixing to packaging and putting it on the shelves.




We’ve sourced the best tasting and highest quality ingredients to make our range of flavoured drinking chocolate powders.
We still have milk and dark varieties for the traditionalists, and they’re amazing by the way, but we also have five other incredible flavours – caramel, orange, strawberry, cappuccino and our boldest flavour of them all lemon!


Our products are available at our on-line shop, at various stores Australia Wide and each week we set up shop at several local markets.

To find out more, visit our website or follow us on instragram, twitter or facebook!