Australian Desert Adventure

Instead of heading to the tropics next time it gets cold, have a think about Australia’s Deserts.


A recent school holiday trip to Victoria’s Big Desert proved a rewarding experience.  Camp fire cooking, no phone reception, no electricity – it was a real back to basics holiday. I think it’s really important when bringing up a young family in the WiFi age to remove them from their devices and get their imaginations working.



Nature provides a pared back planting palette too. Flax Lily, Inland Pig face, Yellow Mallee Gums and Slender Cypress-pine are about it but it looks great. Repetition, repetition, repetition, that old landscape design mantra is true of nature or perhaps comes from nature.


A day trip out to the ‘Pink Lakes National Park’ brought a change of scenery with red secreting algae present in these salty inland lakes. Get amongst it!