Australian Orchid Nursery

I happened upon this place by accident while trawling through a bunch of antique warehouses nearby looking for some wood carving chisels (unfortunately I didn’t find the chisels).


It doesn’t look much from the road, just a cinder block office and a few growing igloos surrounded by soggy paddocks. The sandwich board out the front doesn’t really inspire you either.

But once inside the igloos, there is a wonderland of rare, beautiful, native and exotic orchids.  The Australian Orchid Nursery specialises in cold climate growing orchids so everything you buy from them will be grown locally and succeed outdoors in the Victorian climate.




If you head down, you’ll probably meet Wayne Turville, the grower of all of these orchids. Passionate about his plants, less passionate about his public! Knows his stuff though, so buy his growing book and read it with care. If you can’t make it down to the nursery, Wayne regularly put his orchids on ebay. Be warned though, orchid lovers are prone to overspending in the heat of auction.




Cymbidium orchids are heading into flower now and reach their peak through July and August. The best bargains can be had right now because once flowering, the orchids double their price.




Head down and have a look if you’re at a loose end or look them up on the web for more info.

I’m hoping that this will be the start of a long relationship with Orchids!