Emergency Shelter Exhibition

During the first week of May, Emergency Shelter Australia held a charitable event supported by some of the world’s leading architectural innovators to explore solutions to emergency shelters in disaster-affected locations around the world.

With the ability to be constructed in a day, the propose of the shelters was to not only protect people from rain and other elements in emergency situations but also provide a space to feel secure and comfortable in a disastrous environment.

IMG_3932Emergency Shelter: Woodsbagot

IMG_3935Emergency Shelter: Geyer

IMG_3942Emergency Shelter: Latitude Architects

IMG_3944Emergency Shelter: SJB

IMG_3945Emergency Shelter: Conrad Gargett

IMG_3955Emergency Shelter: BVN

IMG_3950Emergency Shelter: Techne

IMG_3952Emergency Shelter: Techne

Held at Federation Square, with all the lighting and surrounding city atmosphere  the shelters were great to see at night.  The stand out display for me, was the plastic and sand bag design with coat hangers by Techne Architects.  A great event!