Show and tell – Geoffrey Bawa

A show and tell all about the Sri Lankan Architect – the late and great Geoffrey Bawa.


I have just spent 3 weeks in beautiful Sri Lanka, a revisit after some 15 years. We criss crossed the island, seeing and staying in Bawa designed hotels. Geoffrey Bawa was an intuitive design with a great sense of space and to my aesthetic achieves the blend of organic and slick to perfection.



His work produced buildings and gardens that appear to be seamless. He used a concoction of styles and blended European and Asians designs harmoniously.

Whatever his palette, where ever his site, whatever the orientation, he just seemed to get it right and synergy works a treat. That feel good experience is there in full force whenever you are in his creative space. To achieve that ‘all at one’ feeling is the proof of success.

I have only rarely experienced this emotion from only a few places, mainly in a garden or natural wilderness, very rarely within a building but Bawa’s building spaces do it for me!

Back in the real world of Victorian long hot dry summer, gardeners have surely been tested with not much rain recorded this summer at all.


It’s been great weather for holidays and spending time at home where you truly reap the rewards of having well designed outdoor living spaces. Think sunny breakfast areas and shady lunch spaces that provided by vines and trees are so much more rewarding than a solid roof or shade sail.