In the Garden: April


Your plants will be enjoying the change in weather after Melbourne’s hot summer days and most will be preparing for the winter months ahead.  You should be seeing a growth spurt in the garden, especially after a little rain.  Deciduous trees will start to prepare to go into their dormant period, whilst your lawn will be experiencing maximum growth and some plants will be in flower.


Now is a great time to fertilise and fill any gaps in your garden or rip out any tired or unhealthy plant stock.  Use a synthetic fertiliser for quick results or an organic fertiliser for a slower, more gentile approach. Liquid fertilisers are great on annuals, potted plants, veggies and herbs.  If you have lawn, it may find it will absorb all the nutrients from your plants and trees.  To avoid this, make some holes in the soil and fill with Dynamic Lifter.

All the summer veggies will be coming to an end, so it’s time to clear out your veggie patch, feed the soil and replant. Your herbs might need a cut back or a turn over too. We just gave our Vietnamese mint a good hair cut and pulled out the basil. Make the most of the basil before you do though by making pesto or tomato relish – yum!  Its a good time to put in peas, silver beat, onions, rocket and mustard greens.

Have any gardening tips to share? We would love to hear about them…