Artist: Cathy Quinn

We’re always keen to encourage a bit of creative cross pollination so it was a lovely surprise to hear that avid gardener & friend of E-GA Cathy Quinn, is having her first solo art exhibition.

Imagined Worlds 2013 will be showing on the 2nd – 20th April 2013 at St Heliers Street Gallery – Abbotsford Convent.


In Cathy’s words:

“My latest body of work is a response to colour and nature from journey’s taken.

Essentially these are abstracted landscapes where I am visually tying the known to the unknown in an attempt to

reduce the familiarity.

Ambiguity is a key component to these landscapes as I want the viewer to navigate their way through and find their own interpretation.

These are imagined places taken from a world of memories in which we remember the past and carry it with us into our tomorrow.”


We look forward to a promising future for Cathy!