Living Walls

Living walls in Melbourne, in our experience, aren’t as successful as they are in Europe. Our climate, with harsh summers and hot northerly winds, is not ideal for the living wall systems.  High installation cost and a lot of regular maintenance required, makes a living wall an expensive and long term investment.   We prefer to plant creepers directly into the ground with mesh framing to provide a soft treatment to vertical elements.  A simple solution, but done well can be just as effective.

Although, it is hard not to love some of the living wall installations such as these…

The National Gallery, LondonThe National Gallery, London

Musée du quai Branly, ParisMusée du quai Branly, Paris

CaixaForum Madrid, Madrid and a residential façade, LisbonCaixaForum Madrid, Madrid and a residential façade, Lisbon

The EEA façade, CopenhagenThe EEA façade, Copenhagen