In the garden: January

January is a time of year when the garden gets its most use.  The warm lazy days and the long summer nights are perfect spent in the garden for rest, play or entertaining. But…there is still a little work to do besides the general maintenance.


With the hot days in full swing, protect your plants from sunburn with a light spray of Yates Draughtshield on those that are more vulnerable to burning.   Keep a close eye on the weather forecasts and water the evening or the early morning of a hot day.  Also keep on top of your mulching.  This will assist in the plants retaining moisture and extend the period of time between watering.


Now is a good time to feed your citrus, fruit trees and roses to give them a boost for the rest of the summer and into autumn.  Your veggie patch should be thriving, so make the most of it by harvesting regularly.  This month, plant broccoli, capsicums, eggplants and tomatoes.   You can also sow  lettuce, spring onions, turnips and silverbeet.   Perhaps think about companion planting to boost growth, enhances flavour and can assist in creating a disease free environment.  Basil next to tomatoes is said to repel flies and mosquitoes.


As most of you will be spending your spare time outdoors, summer is a great time to re look at the plantings and layout of your garden.   Is the garden still accommodating your needs?  Are your plants surviving the changes in our climate? Does your outdoor space need a make over?


Whether it is a full overhaul or just a touch up E-GA can offer advice and design services to suit your needs.  Get in touch, we would love to hear from you!