Tips: December in the Garden

This month you may not have a lot of time available to spend working in the garden and what time you do have, we are sure you will want to spend it soaking up the summer sun (when it eventually arrives). So we will keep your job list short this month!

It is the season to ensure your garden survives the hot summer days. Check your watering systems are working well and make sure your plants are mulched and well feed. Get the most out of the summer rains, by giving your garden a spray before the rain is predicted. This will ensure the rain soaks into the soil to the plants root systems. Remember that heavy rain will leach fertiliser out of the soil, so it will need replenishing.

Now is also the time to keep the pests at bay. Watch out for thrips, aphids and fungal disease they are attacking pretty much everything, especially your soft wooded plants. Snails are out in force too, so keep them under control with Blitzem or Baysol pellets.  If you the foliage of your plants have been eaten, give them a good trim to remove any unsightly damage.

The vine month caterpillars are back in town. Look out for their trail on your paving. Spray with Natures’ Way Dipel, its low toxic and safe for pets and organic gardens.

If you have the time to tend to your vegie patch, this month is great to plant lettuce, sweet corn and zucchini. If you are planting with seeds, start off cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts seeds in containers so they’ll be ready for planting out in the New Year. And watch out for the White Fly damaging your tomato crops.

Now relax, recline and enjoy the Christmas period in your garden with friends and family.