Tips: November in the Garden

Whether you have a young or mature garden, you should be starting to see the result of the spring weather in the growth of your plants as well as the variety of colours and textures.

Take advantage of the time of year and fill your house with flowers, but don’t forget foliage can add to any arrangement.

Start pruning your flowering plants as their period of glory comes to an end. Unless of course you like to see the full display of the plants changes as the flowers dry and seed heads appear. Wait for the foliage of your spring flowering bulbs to die before removing or lifting them up.

Your fruit trees will thrive from a feed this month. Feeding in early-mid spring will ensure strong, healthy growth throughout the growing season and enhance your production.Dust young tomato plants with Yates Tomato & Vegetable Dust to prevent fungal diseases. If you are planting tall growing varieties, don’t forget to stake them whilst planting.

A large range of vegetables can be planted this month from Carrots and Corn to Rhubarb and Spring Onions. Now the soil is warmer, direct sow lettuce, silver beet, rocket and bok choy seeds for your supply of healthy greens.