A glimpse into Melbourne’s private gardens

For those of you who dedicated your entire weekend to visiting all 26 open gardens for this years Garden Design Fest, (Teena!) fantastic effort!  I can imagine you needed last week to recover because after spending my Saturday starting in Brighton-East, finishing in Ivanhoe and seeing as many gardens possible in-between, I was exhausted.

For those of you that didn’t have the opportunity to visit any of the Open Gardens I thought I’d share some photos from the gardens I managed to get to.

Phil Johnson: Brighton East

This garden was only 2 months old and lacking a little ‘green’.  The green wall however looked to be doing well.

Kate Seddon: Elwood

Lots of small details making this garden rather intimate and ‘pretty’.  I was impressed with the use of both Thymus and Trachelospermum asiaticum as ground covers up the centre of the driveway. A lovely combination.

Andrew Plymin: Elwood

This design proves that you CAN have a lush garden retreat even if you have a small narrow space.

Fiona Brockhoff: Malvern

I was very impressed by this garden. It’s open, formal yet relaxed and beautiful.  A garden for both children and adults.  There was a consistency with the planting pallet creating a clean and striking outcome.  And the sculpture of the rabbit makes a perfect focal point.




Rick Eckersley: Canterbury

I’d be boasting if I made comment on this one, however I did hear many compliments about our garden during the day.


Eugene Gilligan: Kew

If you’re looking for a resort style garden in your own home then you will love this one. Very green, very lush and very private.

Robert Boyle: Ivanhoe

This garden was amongst the favorites of the day.  A magnificent sloping property with views over the deck, pool, garden and down to the river.  Very much a gardener’s garden, with lots of colour.  Paths lead you from one garden room to the other each offering you something different.

Paul Bangay: Toorak

As I walked down the narrow shaded side entrance towards the back garden it was as though the position of the afternoon sun placed a spotlight on this very impressive, typically Bangay garden.  This garden definitely has the ‘wow’ factor with every plant looking it’s absolute best.  Anyone could mistake himself or herself for being swiftly transported to a mansion in the south of France.