Media: Style + The City

The Weekly Review have launched new pages in their Style + The City component of the magazine and they feature Rick’s Flinders property in the latest edition.

We are excited to be introducing new pages to Style + the city over the coming months and we hope you enjoy getting to know our city and its people just that little bit better.

In this edition, Rick Eckersley shows us his own private Idaho on the Mornington Peninsula. We get to see first hand how he has achieved the perfect balance between work and play in his home and garden. We ask Rick to share with us his favourite plants to use – and the plants he would like to see less of. We think you might be surprised by his answer.

As is his nature, the garden and house are a continual work in progress for their current custodian. For now, though, reclining on a family-heirloom wrought-iron bed that is covered in plumped mattresses and worn linen, it would appear that Eckersley has found his nirvana within the landscape he has created.

To read the full article by features editor Sian Macpherson, visit our website.  The current issue of The Weekly Review can be also read on their website.