Tips: May in the Garden

May in Melbourne is the start of the cooler months.  The first of the foggy mornings begin to occur, usually followed by a fine and sunny day.  It is also a time to spend spoiling your Mums! For the garden loving Mum, how about a consultation with one of our designers and a copy of The Outside publication?

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This month will be your last chance to plant bulbs in time for spring.  Tesselaar’s have a great range to choose from, so head to their website.

Start cutting back your plants such as geraniums and hydrangeas.  This keeps the plants motivated to produce more healthy productive growth.  Whilst you are there, check your pruning tools and replace those that look tired and worn out.  We recommend Felco 2 secateurs available from most garden suppliers.

If you haven’t already, fertilise your citrus trees.  May is getting a bit late to sow most veggies but cold-hardy broad beans are fine. Parsley, chives, oregano and chervil are great additions to your herb garden and can be planted this month.

Keep on top of your leaves and mix them into the compost heap. Add some blood & bone to increase the richness of the material, keep turning and add some moisture if required.

You might be still seeing wasps in your garden on the warm autumn days.  Most native wasps are fine and best left alone but the European wasps can be a problem.  Check out your citrus branches for any swelling which can indicate gall wasp eggs developing inside. As soon as you see the lumps, cut them off.  If the tree looks like it’s really suffering with brittle branches and a limited amount of fruit, then it might be best to cut it back hard. The Homelife blog has a good how to guide here.

Happy gardening!