Tips: April in the Garden

Autumn is a great time to make a start on any improvements and get on top of any maintenance in your garden.  Most of your plants will have now recovered from the hot weather and will start be growing or flowering again.

The deciduous trees will start to prepare to go into their dormant period and begin their spectacular display of colour.  Here are some tips to keep you busy this month and give your garden a little rejuvenation.

April is a good time to pick up the leaves from your garden, however don’t use them as mulch as it will harbour an environment fit for pests and insects.  Get on top of those snails now to rid them before Spring, try Blitzem Snail and Slug Pellets from Yates but be careful of your pets and children.

Utilize the remaining warm weather and plant sweet peas in a sunny spot.  Add a splash of paint to give extra impact in the garden or up against a wall.  Why not try one of these colours from the new Porters range we are loving!

If you have a veggie garden, you will find all the summer vegies will have finished and it’s time to remove them, turn the soil over and add some blood and bone. Tali Allen of Aleister Branwen Horticulture suggests planting:

Winter vegies such as peas, broad beans, silver beet, broccoli, cauliflower and leeks.

This month, Tali also suggests you:

Continue to spray Citrus with Eco-Oil fortnightly.  Citrus Leaf Miner has been rampant this year.

Plant Spring bulbs and feed all garden beds with organic fertilizer to encourage the surge of growth that accompanies autumn.

If you are in need of planting advice and design suggestions, please contact us before you start digging!