Tips: March in the Garden

Enjoy the last of the summer days and start preparing for Autumn in your garden.  It’s time to tidy up the garden, remove summer crops and start planting.  Here are some tips to get you started.

Early autumn is a great time for planting and transplanting plants as the days are cooler, but the soil is still warm. Prepare your soil with compost and mulch and start to plant your natives such as bottle brushes, lillypillies and grevilleas.   Head to Tesselaar’s and select some bulbs suitable for planting in Autumn.

Watch out for the Citrus leafminer attacking your Citrus Plants. It will distorts the leaf and can slow the growth of young trees. Spray weekly with Pest Oil to prevent any further damage.

Citrus leafminer in action - photo from Yates

Clear your summer crops away in the vegie patch and start your Autumn planting. Varieties such as herbs, shallots, rocket enjoy the cooler weather. If your planting Pak Choy or Bok Choy, keep plants growing quickly to prevent stress and going to seed. If plants start to form flowers, harvest immediately.

Don’t rush to prune spent seed heads. They provide a wealth of food for birds that visit the garden and we think they are beautiful to look at.

Finally, this month a tip from one of our recommended gardeners, Tali Allen of Aleister Branwen Horticulture:

Keep an eye on your Hellebores for aphids and spray with Confidor if you find any.

Citrus are heavy feeders and can certainly do with a healthy dressing of cow manure along with some citrus food or blood & bone in March.