Tips: February in the Garden

There is plenty to do around the garden in the hotter months, especially in the vegetable patch.  February is a busy month balancing the demands of the remaining summer crops and preparing for the cooler varieties ahead of time.

It’s a great time to sow root vegetables such as carrots, turnips, beetroot and potatoes. Asian greens, lettuce, broccoli and rhubarb can also be planted this month.  Keep the seeds moist and cool.  Try lay some batons down with damp newspaper on top until the seedlings appear.

Before planting, make sure you spend time preparing your soil by adding plenty of compost or manure.  Feed your green vegetables regularly especially during the hot weeks.

During late summer, the pests and insects are out in full force.  Watch for Powdery Mildew which loves your summer vegies.

There are plenty of vegetables to harvest during the late summer.  Make sure the crops don’t go to seed and remove any overripe vegies before they become a home for the pests.

In other areas of your garden, make sure you water, water, water during the dryer periods of this month. And once in a while give the deep roots a water and fertilise the whole garden.

Continue to dead-head all summer annuals & perennials, as well as summer-flowering shrubs and keep hedges pruned lightly and often.

Towards the end of the summer months feed your citrus with either an organic fertiliser or a granular feed.  Keep up the water supply, a deep soaking once a week for ground grown trees and daily when hot for potted trees.

Once all the work has been done, don’t forget to enjoy the most of the summer days relaxing in your garden!