Editorial: Belle

Soul Trader

Rick Eckersley’s sensitive design for this Mornington Peninsula property brought a sleeping beauty back to life.

In the latest issue of Belle, writer Georgina Reid steps into this country garden and discovers why it is a ‘fine example of a garden with soul’.

Rick says, ‘I wanted the garden to feel like a bold, romantic place, profuse and full, but the plants all needed to be drought tolerant.’

He says, ‘The owners love the garden, they listened to me, and have taken ownership of it.  It is so important to empower your clients.  People are not going to fall in love with their gardens if they’re just a square patch of paving a run of box hedge.

They must be able to for out there for an hour, end up spending four hours and wonder where the time went.  That is a real garden.’

This garden is a great example of the trust and communication between client and design – it has integrity, depth and romance.

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