Project: Bottle Wall

It has finally started. After months of hard work collecting the raw materials. Pooling them on site. Waiting until their numbers became great. One begets another and so on since time immemorial.

Part inspired by rubbish man Michael Reynolds who builds ‘Earthship Communities’ and part inspired by a love of the amber ale, comes the bottle wall.

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We’re trying to tie up a few loose ends down at Musk Cottage, our 10 acre garden project that looks to challenge traditional garden ideals. We are 5 years into what was to be a five year project and it is starting to come together. The fire pit is one of the unfinished projects that we’ve planned for a while and is finally coming into being.

Positioned next to the ornamental dam, the fire pit catches the last rays of the sun through autumn and spring. Just as the chill sets in the air, it will be time to grab a couple of bottles of red, trot down and light the fire. As the sun sets over the dam bank, the flames will lick the edges of our reclaimed Indian cooking bowl or Kadai which serves as a fire bowl.

Old Indian "Kadai" available from Chimina & Aussie Heatwave

The idea is simple. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

The walls are to be mortared beer bottles, the step treads from wine bottles, the floor from broken pavers, the agi drain from reused plant pots, the fuel from fallen branches on site.

All we have to do is drink some more beer.

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Sometimes you have to put the hard yards in.