Editorial: Ivy League

The stunning explosion of green in Rick Eckersley’s outdoor oasis tells of an instinct for creating spaces of dramatic beauty inside as well as out.

In the March/April Issue of Vogue Living, AnneMarie Kiely steps into Rick’s St Kilda home to talk about design, outdoor living and lifestyle.

It’s telling that Eckersley, who has spent his entire working life outside, considers home not in the bricks and motar sense of owned place, but it the wider context of the suburb.  Though, he does declare a love for good contemporary architecture and relishes the opportunity to botanically riff off its radical lines.  “But architecture is more instant,” he says.  “You might have to wait five years to see the real results of your work in the garden…

“Feeling”, he adds, whittling down to a single word that defines his creative pursuit with plants, “can be found in something as simple as worn stones and the slow trickle of water.  But it can’t be bought in a box and it doesn’t plant into dirt.  It’s the slow build of time, talent and soul.”

At the risk of sounding grumpy, Eckersley, as famous for his levity as his painterly landscapes, explains that he has reached that wonderful stage where he “doesn’t give a rat’s” what people think.  “I don’t care how much money someone has to spend – those five-star cabanas will just sit and fill with cobwebs.  All you need is a barbecue and a nice bench.  It’s the garden that makes the place”.

Words by AnneMarie Kiely and photos by Derek Swalwell.  To see the full article, visit our website.