Tips: Trees for Texture, Colour & Scent

Here are a few suggestions of trees we specify in our designs to add texture, colour and scent.

Angophora costata, Archontophoenix alexandrae, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Plumeria obtusa, Michelia Alba

Angophora costata ‘Smooth barked apple myrtle’ has a variation of colour in it’s smooth trunk and branches that have a mind of their own.  This large spreading tree grows to a height of 15- 25m.

Archontophoenix alexandrae ‘Alexander Palm’ has a stain stright trunk and amazing coral like flowers with red berries.  This ornamental palm tree native to Australia is best grown in full sun and grows to around 15m tall.

Eucalyptus camaldulensis ‘The river red gum’ is dignified and random in shape and size.  The trunk has rough fibrous bark at the base with smooth white bark above. The tree grows straight under favourable conditions, but can develop twisted branches in drier conditions.

Plumeria obtusa ‘Frangipani’ flowers throughout the year.  It has a pleasant perfume and carries deep green obtuse leaves.  The ‘Frangipani’ grows best in well drained soil, in full sun.

Michelia X alba ‘Cempaka’ are neat compact trees with exquisite perfumed white flowers.  They prefer a moist, fertile and well drained soil positioned in a warm sunny aspect.

Brachyton acerifolius, Allocasuarina torulosa, Eucalyptus sideroxylon, Agonis flexusa, Magnolia

Brachyton acerifolius ‘Illawarra Flame Tree’ is pyramid shaped with strong maple type leaves.  When in flower the Illawarra Flame Tree carries masses of red flower/berries and fabulous fruit pods.

Allocasuarina torulosa ‘Rose she-oak’ has dropping pine like foliage with reddish to pink corky bark.   It has a fantastic change in colour throughout the season and produces fruit of small spiky balls.

Eucalyptus sideroxylon rosea ‘Iron Bark’ has straight black rough trunks with blue green weeping leaves and soft pink flowers.  The Iron Bark grows up to 20m and is best suited to a well drained site in full sun.

Agonis flexusa ‘Weeping willow myrtle’ naturally grow in the coastal areas of Western Australia.  It has rough silver grey bark with weepy branches of star white flowers.

Magnolia denudata white has vase shape upright silver branches with elegant white tulip like flowers carrying a lemon scent.  Magnolia denudata tends to be quite narrow when young and broadens with age.