The Office Worm Farm

Our office worm’s have been working overtime, chewing through our lunch scraps and making a rich fertiliser that is great for the garden.

Here is a few tips on getting a worm farm up an running in your home or office.

E-GA worm farm

Choose the type of worm farm and the size or make your own.

1. Choose a good position for your worm farm. A nice shady spot would be best as the worms don’t like heat or direct sun.

2. Prepare a bed for your worms. It should be made of good-quality soil, leaves and paper and about 15cms deep.

3. Soak the worm bed with water. The worm bed needs to be kept moist, but not wet.

4. Gently spread the worms on the surface.

5. Worms are happy on a simple diet like vegetables, fruit, tea leaves and bread. You can also add shredded paper. We found our worms don’t like onions and anything acidic. Avocado skins aren’t loved either.

E-GA worm farm

6. Chop up the food as small as possible. The faster the worms chew, the quicker you have your soil.

7. Add your food scraps regularly in small amounts and in one place at a time.

8. Don’t feed worm’s dairy (butter and cheese), meat, fish, fat and bones. We save the meat scraps for our office dogs.

9. If your worm farm is like ours and has a tap, drain out the worm juice and use it on the garden. Hold your nose though as it is strong smelling stuff!  Mix the soil like fertiliser into the soil of your garden beds and pots.  It’s great for vegie gardens!

E-GA worm farm

10. Once the worms have made it up to the next tray in the farm, repeat the process.

Happy worm farming!