Editorial: WA’s Best Outdoor & Gardens

We Love – Sensual Design

Editor Anna Flanders includes one of our gardens in the 2011 issue of WA’s Best Outdoor & Gardens magazine.

‘The more senses stimulated, the more successful the outdoor space’, says garden designer Rick Eckersley, of Eckersley Garden Architecture. ‘Colour, tactility, scent and sound are elements that have been addressed in this courtyard.’

A blend of natural, organic, strong and dusky colours creates an earthy feel, while a ‘blood orange’ feature wall highlights the white branches of the small silver birch grove.  Texturally, floors and walls feature a mix of smooth and tactile surfaces, while fine, wispy plant foliage ‘adds variety to excite one’s touch’.

WA’s Best Outdoors & Gardens magazine 2011 explores how we are heading back to nature in the garden, but making sure it is a pleasurable space to retreat to. 

A fresh approach to an outdoor magazine – worth a look. 

Visit the publication online here.