Tips: Grasses used for colour

Here are a few suggestions of grasses we like to use in the garden to add colour:

Anigozanthos 'Amber Velvet', Ficinia nodosa 'Club Rush', Orthrosanthus multiflorus 'Morning Iris'

Anigozanthos ‘Amber Velvet’ is an attractive Kangaroo Paw with a bright orange flower and good green foliage.  Growing to a height of 1m, it is long flowering and will survive in full sun but prefers good drainage.

Ficinia nodosa ‘Club Rush’ has straws of green foliage with brown/black clubs of seed heads.  The grasses grow to a height of 50-70cm and flowers in summer.  ‘Club Rush’ performs well in poorly drained soil.

Orthrosanthus multiflorus ‘Morning Iris’ produces sky blue flowers in Spring and has an apple green strap like foliage.  This hardy evergreen native thrives in full sun to part shade, grows to 50cm and prefers a good layering of mulch.