‘The simple elegance of Rick’s design not only perfectly complements the rectilinear architecture of our home, but it has enhanced our lifestyle immeasurably. The garden is both a restful retreat and a stimulating, artistic endeavour that, depending on how the mood takes us, offers a variety of separate yet integrated spaces to enjoy.’

‘Fortunately you do not listen to everything your client’s request. Had that been the case we might have had some lawn and an otherwise rather ordinary garden. Instead we have something very unique and a fabulous enhancement to our home.
You are welcome to come over and take a look at your work two and a half years after it was installed. The difference is incredible. Lots of visitors love what they see here but most importantly of all, we enjoy it.’
– Lillie

‘Rick’s gardens make you feel good; they lift your spirits and excite the senses. They are attractive and positive spaces to be within.’
– Tina

‘My beautiful gardens were designed by Rick Eckersley some 12 years ago. They encompass 3 separate areas at the front of my home, rear deck over the double-garage and Yoga studio on the ground floor level. To this day my gardens still look unique, interesting and inviting and are easy to maintain. Rick was an absolute pleasure to work with and he intuitively designed gardens I could not have even dreamed of having. These gardens have added great beauty and value to my home and studio.’
– Yolanda

‘Our completed the garden and it looks fantastic ! It was finished a few weeks ago and with spring on the way, everything is growing beautifully – we made no changes to your plan. The side path is lovely with the Japanese Maples and seems longer, with the bend halfway along. We enjoyed working with Scott and couldn’t have achieved this garden alone. We hope to use your services again, maybe our next property/venture and will certainly refer friends/colleagues.’
– Susie