Practicing what we preach

Eckersley Garden Architecture is putting into practice what we are preaching to our clients as far as developing landscapes that are sustainable and user friendly.

Musk Cottage located in Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula is our project and it is keeping us very busy on the weekends pulling it all together.

E-GA partner, Myles Broad is the main driver behind the build and with a landscape construction background; his is in charge of all construction.

We have been working on the garden for three years and have set ourselves a five year project to completion, if ever a garden is completed.

We have put together a picture progress story if you care to take a look at where we are going.

The work starts with clearing the lattice which was held up by the tangle of Wistera

Myles about to attack the wisteria and the entagled climing roses and grape vines

Concrete stumps for the iron bark deck positioned to the north of the house

The completed deck with a new steel pergola, which will carry the climbeer pandorea pandorana 'alba'

Stay tuned for more entries on the development of the E-GA flinders project! For more recent photos of the project, visit our website.