Editorial: WA’s Insite Magazine

Back to Nature

Australian garden guru Rick Eckersley is leading the charge for sustainable gardens, taking a ‘combination-ist’ rather than a ‘purist’ view of dry tolerant-plants

Anna Flanders, editor of Western Australia’s home, design and art magazine ‘Insite‘, takes the time to chat to Rick about garden design, sustainable techniques and E-GA’s Flinders project.

‘It’s all about design – you can manipulate any garden to be sustainable. It’s about plant choices and how you prepare the site’, explains Rick. ‘Plants don’t have to be native, they just have to be dry tolerant.’

‘People just don’t see the intristic beauty in washed colour – not washed in the Parisian sense, but washed in the Australian, indigenous colours.  It’s colour that comes from the sky, sea, sand, cliffs and birds.  It is unique.’

It’s the synergy of these experimental and naturally nuanced elements that ensure Rick’s designs have a quintessentially Australian feel.  And, from the architectural style of his home, to the decking and other outdoor lifestyle spaces, this exploration into sustainable design is a homage to Rick’s signature style. 

Further than that, however, it signals a way forward in garden design and celebrates the beauty of our unique, subtle Australian colours, with a sensitive, contemporary edge.

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